Our Mission:

To provide opportunities and programs for the Ballroom Dance Community to be of service to the animal kingdom.

Our Vision

Keeping aligned with our mission, we would very much like to partner with you to support not only the care and rescue of animals, but to support the future of ballroom dancing.

Educating people of various opportunities available to help animals encourages them to become more aware of the needs of others and act in a more selfless manner. We believe this will translate into better teaching and dancing partnerships.

Board of Directors

Bonnie Diaz Portrait with Gabriel

Bonnie Diaz

Visionary, Humanitarian, Animal Activist, Producer, Director, Choreographer, Ballroom Dancer. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, she has been a true “New Yorker”...
Len Diana

Len Diana

Len Diana, from Hartford, CT, has been a social and amateur competitive dancer with his wife, Dawn, for over 15...

Patti Panebianco

As a result of her dynamic energy and charisma, Patti Panebianco is a sought-after adjudicator and invigilator for numerous National...

Staff & Celebrity Spoke Persons


Jon Frank, Jr.

Honorably discharged Navy vet Jon Frank, Jr., is a licensed electrician and employee of Ballroom Barks! who has served many...
Karina_Smirnoff_Get_Smart_premiere_arrival (DESKTOP-VLFQ0EP's conflicted copy 2018-08-01)

Karina Smirnoff

Ballroom Barks! is honored to announce our new celebrity spokesperson, dancer, animal activist and television personality Miss Karina Smirnoff This...