Cruelty Free Choices

Ballroom Barks!SM is proud to debut its first advocacy page geared toward awareness of using cruelty free products in your home, on the dance floor, or on your face and body.

Millions of animals are experimented on every year leaving them scarred, mutilated and
experiencing very slow and painful deaths, as well as being skinned alive for fur products. These horrific experiments can be stopped by us - the consumers. All of these products can be tested and produced without injuring any of our fellow animal beings residing on this planet.

Some of the companies we are recommending are:

  • Burts Bees: Great skin care, hair care and some assorted make-ups. Male and female
    products available.
  • Petit Vour: Sensational cruelty free products for face, skin, hair, as well as cruelty free perfumes, candles, and some alternative clothing for purses instead of leather and fur.
  • Pacifica: Excellent make-up and scented products.

Cruelty free alternative household cleaners such as baking soda and white cider vinegar have been used for centuries as excellent and safe cleaning products that have not released any harmful toxins affecting our children or planet.

All of these companies are paving the way for the future of our planet and our youth by respecting and living in unison with our animal kingdom.

Many of these products are now available at your local grocer, pharmacy, or supermarket. All these products are available online as well. Please visit the following website for a specific product listing:

Please join Ballroom Barks!SM in celebrating with us this higher conscious lifestyle. Read the label and look for the sign of the little jumping bunny on the bottle or package representing cruelty free before you purchase!!!