Fox Lady

Early August 2013, our beloved Foxy Lady, a three-year-old Doberman, developed a limp in her hind left leg. Our family thought at first that it was a pulled muscle. Foxy plays all the time, and sometimes a little too rambunctious with her brother Leo, a Pomeranian. After a week of limping, Foxy starting whining/crying at night and moving less. She no longer enjoyed her daily walks. Her family reached out to Ballroom Barks! for advice.

A miracle happened! Foxy was sent to a wonderful care center called “Animal General”. They examined every part of Foxy’s legs and hips. They discovered an ACL issue in her knee. With the financial and emotional help of Ballroom Barks!, Foxy’s Forever Angel surgery was performed on September 10, 2013.

Recovery is still ongoing, and it is hard work for Foxy. Today, Foxy is getting stronger each day, hardly ever cries and once again plays with her brother Leo. We still do therapy and she still has a limp, but every day we think our Angels and friends at Ballroom Barks!.

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